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Do you know what the fastest growing cause of death in dogs is?

1.      Accidents

2.     Heart Disease

3.     Parvovirus

4.     ...or?

It may surprise you, but the fastest growing cause of death in dogs isn't accidents...

it isn't Heart Disease... and it isn't Parvovirus.

It's diseases caused by the Poor Quality Food that your dog eats...

namely,  Cancer.

This year more dogs will die of Cancer - caused largely by poor nutrition - than any other disease.

The average lifespan of a German Shorthaired pointer should be 12-14 years.   However, 

as many as 50% are being affected by cancer by 7-9 years of age!  WHY?


It seems as though the more fancy dog foods that come out, the more sickness and cancers we as owners and  veterinarians are seeing every day.

Pet food labels can be deceiving. They only provide half the story.

The other half of the story is hidden behind obscure ingredients listed on the labels. Bit by bit, over seven years, I have been able to unearth information about what is contained in most commercial pet food.

The long and the short of it is that today's pet foods are made up of waste that is leftover from processing human food - blood, bone, ligaments, tails, etc.

Worse off, in some cases, euthanized animals have made their way into pet food... dogs and cats from shelters, and other livestock that had to be put down.

Not good.

The Pet Food Recall and TOXIC Dog Food

You may have heard of the big Pet Food Recall in 2007, in which tens of thousands of cans of food were recalled and pulled from the shelves.

Don't you think it's fair to say that there would not have been a recall if efforts were made to ensure the food was safe for consumption in the first place?

You may have also heard of the controversy around the pet food preservative called "Ethoxyquin"...

The FDA tested this preservative and found that it was unhealthy for canine consumption... so they of course banned companies from using it, right?


The pet food manufacturers argued that it was too important to do away with, and instead of banning the substance outright, the FDA cut the amount that pet foods were allowed to contain in half.

WAKE UP. Half of a dose of poison is still poison!

(Side note: Make sure to NEVER give your dog food that contains Ethoxyquin, or its two equally dangerous companion chemicals - BHA and BHT).

You are BOMBARDED with advertising to encourage

your pet to eat some carbohydrate loaded, toxin

laden, dry dog or cat kibble.

Many of the Pet Food Companies are LARGE

Multinational corporations- their GOAL is

to MASS produce pet food, and PROFIT.

You are TOLD to feed this - in spite of

the fact that many of these foods have serious

heath side effects.


Dogs NEED Animal Protein to survive and thrive.


YET most of the commercial dog foods contain

carbs, such as corn, as the FIRST ingredient.

It is easy to see the fallacy in this when you

make a comparison to your own diet.

NOT all nutrition can come in a bag.

NUTRIENTS don’t survive for months

on the shelf.

IF you want to live longer, and avoid disease,

you need to eat nutrient RICH foods- FRESH

fruits and vegetables..NOT only packaged material.

The same logic applies to your dog or cat.

You MUST feed a variety, and supplement their

diet, IF they are to thrive and ultimately

fight off diseases- such as cancer.

P.S. MUCH of the information that you hear

about keeping your pet healthy, and Treating

disease is WRONG.

It's not your fault, for you are doing what most

of us do- and that is follow the direction of

the 'Experts'

They are telling you to Vaccinate often,

take the Conventional Medication, and Feed

the Carbohydrate loaded, toxin laced Dry Kibble.


How often have you heard?

“ It's safe, little chance of side effects...

When in fact that is often NOT the case.