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What is a German Shorthaired Pointer all about?

The GSP is characterized by a strong desire to please in all the things he does, and this single factor accounts for his close approach to the perfect all-around gun dog and household companion.

The shorthairs strongest attributes are his attention span and his willingness to take instruction. The Shorthair is of such a tractable nature that given a moderate amount of patience on the part of the handler and use of reasonable teaching methods, he learns readily.

Patience for the handler is required, due mostly to the extra enthusiasm exhibited by the Shorthair. Their intelligence is second to none, as they are a thinking breed, and they will have their masters trained in no time! As a household companion, the GSP has many merits. He has the ability to double as a child's companion or as the family watchdog.

His disposition and his intelligence enable him to be a true family pet for he tends to disperse his affection throughout the household rather than reserve it all for one person. He is usually devoted to children and has great patience for their pranks.

The shorthair's short, tight coat is a virtue appreciated by the housekeepers, for it does not shed readily.

To visitors, the GSP displays a reserved friendliness. He would rather make the advances than have a stranger make all over him upon the first meeting. Many an unwanted night intruder has found himself faced with a strong and agile foe in the Shorthair, for it takes but little or no training to make him a real watch dog.

The prospective purchaser of a GSP should bear one thing in mind; the Shorthair is a sporting dog. He has been bred to be energetic and naturally will do better in an environment which can afford an outlet for his activity. Urban or rural surroundings are far better suited to him than are the confines of our larger cities, which naturally offer him little or no chance for the exercise he requires. A shorthair will provide himself with all the exercise he normally needs when allowed to run at large about the average urban property, for he is naturally active a good portion of his waking hours!

The German Shorthaired pointer certainly has a zest for life, and at times can be very zany!